Swiffer Duster Review

I’m definitely a long-term user of Swiffer Dusters and certainly recommend this product to you all.

The design of the duster does the job well and it glides right over most everything. It makes dusty a quick task, which I appreciate.

Reviewer JR Banks had this to say:

Swiffer Duster is an excellent modern duster designed similar to those which were used in the past. It is easy to handle and so easy to use. It is always fun dusting your house with a product like this. Its comfortable handle and perfect design makes it perfect for everyday working and light household dusting.

Its fluffy fibers trap the dust easily and keep your house clean. Swiffer Duster comes in a complete package of one plastic handle and five disposable dusters. You can easily replace these disposable dusters every now and then as per your use and comfort so as to get excellent cleaning.

Swiffer Duster is lightweight and quite flexible which allows it to reach at places which are really hard to clean. Some people really find it hard to dust and clean their house as they have no proper cleaning product. If you are going through the same problem then Swiffer Duster is a perfect option for you. People who have been using this product says that this is a great product and they have never seen such a thing ever before.

Swiffer Duster can easily clean the areas under your computer monitor, keyboard and knickknacks. It can also get between tight spaces and remove dust from there which is not possible with any other duster. The fibers on the duster are soft and are just perfect for cleaning your television screens. You can look for the reviews about this wonderful product on internet and then decide whether to go for it or not.

Source by JR Banks


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